Learn to eliminate your Cystic acne problem

If you have acne, one of the serious type of acne you can get is cystic acne. It usually deep and appears inflamed when breakout appear on the skin. It looks and feels like fluid filed lumps which are soft which is just beneath skins surface. The Area of the skin is usually red and swollen. Commonly it has Two triggers either stress or hormonal response.

So what are the treatment that is available? There are plenty that are not listed but there is a lot that are. Many are home remedies used hundreds or recently made. Traditional treatment are what is recommended by medical professionals such as doctors and dermatologist. You are not restricted if you can get some of the best results by changing your life style.

What treatment is their
Natural remedies – there a lot of natural ways that you can help cure cystic acne some of the most known and popular are:

  • Termric
  • Vitamin c 
  • Apple cider
  • Baking soda
  • Honey mask

There are more but it not added to this list. These may contain properties such as, anti-inflammatory compounds, antioxidant, which help in Relive cystic acne symptoms. Some of these in treatment can relive inflammation, lower cyst that may occur, promotes growth and development of healthy or damage skin and repair damage cells as a result of the cystic acne. The treatment may work for some but does have adverse reaction others. Whatever the case it has been proven to work by acne suffers.

Traditional treatments
These are the treatments that would be recommended by dermatologist usually if you have harsh cystic acne. The usually recommended include

  • oral antibiotics 
  • Birth control pill 
  • retinods
  • lotions and gels, 
  • instrotinon,
  • spironolactone

These are just a few of the recommendation as there are more. Keep in mind that some of these treatments may be suitable for a certain gender, age, how serve, etc. these treatment are very good as it helps Remove dead skin cells which would just sit on the skin.

It kills bacteria on the skin which can cause acne to get worse. Use of these treatment help prevent build-up of cystic acne. Treatment such as recommended hormonal used by women and effect only women. Traditional treatment that effect have harsher side effect compared to natural remedies however it can sometimes be more effective.

Lifestyle change
Certain things you do can actually contribute to beating acne, by living a certain lifestyle. This includes
  • Exercise
  • Resting 
  • Having a low Glycemic diet.

When you decide to exercise you can find resources online of different routine that will suit you. Through exercise you may be tired so you would be able to get accurate amount of sleep. In the case that you can’t find the root cause and remove it.

If you eat a lot of sugar products, cut down the intake or get rid of it which is better. As this is more of a lifestyle change you can use traditional treatments or natural remedies.

Some of the treatments I mention can kickstart you but always visit medical professional. This way you will get the right diagnoses, with the right diagnoses you can test the treatments you choose to use.

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