Top ways to eliminate Acne scars

If you already had working treatment that removed acne you are likely to have scars that are left behind. Many of the treatments may have worked for you whiles other haven’t. the most important thing to know is there is many different type of acne scars which require a specific treatment. so what type of acne scars are there and what treatment can you get for these scars?.

Type of scars
Before you can even use a treatment lets find out what scars are out there that you can get treated for
Boxcar scars – they will appear in the form of round, oval craters that will be imbedded in the skin.
Ice-pick scars – commonly will look like deep and narrow holes on skin surface, it will look like skin has been pierced with a sharp object.Rolling scars – will have the appearance of groups tissue which will formed under the skin. Create uneven and slope borders.
Getting rid of scars treatment Laser treatment Some say its good, some not even recommend, depending on the type of scars you have and your skin you may get different results. The Two types that is mainly known is Ablative laser and non-ablative laser Ablative laser treatment purpose is to Remove small skin around the scar once this has been done it will creates new and smooth skin.

non - ablative laser treatment is to increase development of the growth of collagen which is a skin protein. It will Repairs the damage skin which is caused by scarring. these laser will usually be Performed by dermatologic surgeon to patients who have mild to moderate scars.

Dermabrasion – Dermabrasion remove the surface layer of the skin by either a brush instrument or laser. The process works by a Rotary brush rapidly take off the surface of the skin and levelling the top layer. Injures to the top layer helps new skin which grows over the wounded area. The time it takes for Regrowth usually happens over two to three weeks period.

Tissue fillers – the procedure of tissue fillers involves injecting fat or cologne under skin or acne scar. What this will do is help make acne scar become less noticeable. The only problem is it does not last, for this reason you must have get tissue filler injections regularly.

recommended by medical professionals punch techniques are mainly used to treats boxcar and ice-pic scars. The three available types that are punch excursion, punch elevation and punched graphing. Punch excursion mainly used to treat mild ice-pick scars these will be, surgically removed scared and then should heal with a smooth surface.Punch elevation if the patient have boxcar scars this treatment is the one to use. The procedure involves the Base of scar surgically removed. Once this happens the sides of scar left intact where the base is reattached to sides. It is lifted so it can surface of the skin which will make scars become less viewable.

Punched grafting is for those who suffer from very deep ice pick scars, in this procedure the scar is removed. Once removed the wound is plugged with the patients skin fat. This would be from another place on the body. Out of the many procedures punch grating has similarities of punch excursion

Natural remedies there are a fewer natural remedies that has worked for many people who suffers from acne scars these include lemon juice which contains vitamin C helps build collagen in skin. Apple Cider Vinegar helps with acne scars and remove old cells. Aloe Vera smooth’s swollen skin and regenerates damage tissue. Finally ice – which smooth’s the skin and overcomes inflammation. Cheap and half the price you normally would pay and acne sufferers has reported it to work very well.

There are different acne scars so you must look for right acne treatment, this will avoid any further complications. If you can start with low cost low risk forms of treatment and monitor the results, also you can avoid any further complications. Keep in mind that these treatments may have severe side effects depending on you so have an alternative treatment if one does not work. Before you use any treatment make sure you seek medical advice before going through treatment that could have complications.

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